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Navigable Canals in America - Illinois and Michigan Wabash and Erie the Erie Canal, Delaware and Hudson, Chesapeake and Ohio, Chesapeake and Delaware. Canals proved the feasibility of inland waterway transport as America engaged in westward expansion.

American River Trails - Traveling along the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers to Little Rock Arkansas, Memphis Tennessee, Kansas City Missouri, Alton Illinois, Dubuque Iowa and Alexandria Minnesota.

Atlantic Coast Ports and Rivers along the US North and South Atlantic coast: New York City, the Hudson River, Jersey Shore, Philadelphia Delaware River Valley, Savannah, Palm Beach and Florida. 

US Gulf and South Atlantic - New Orleans, Mobile, Savannah, Charleston, Asheville and Charlotte.

Historic Great Lakes Towns Maritime History and Museums in Milwaukee, Chicago, South Haven Michigan, Marquette Wisconsin and Buffalo New York.

Industry and Commerce Destinations from agriculture and industry to services and sustainability. Itineraries for businesses, friends and families interested in industrial and commercial development.

Mid-America Destinations - four centuries of history and heritage and thousands of stories that recount America's evolution while experiencing breathtaking views and majestic landscapes.

Museums and Entrepreneurship - local resources disclose the historical and archaeological heritage of a community leverage conservation and the rediscovery of cultural heritage, preserve biodiversity and rediscover agricultural coastal and river communities.

Rockies and Texas Trails - Traveling along the Continental Divide to Montana, Wyoming, Colorado and Texas. Urban, Outdoors and Food Adventures in City and Country Destinations.

Texas Louisiana and Mississippi - Maritime History and Traditions in Fredericksburg, Rockport, Galveston and Houston Texas, Madisonville Louisiana and Biloxi Mississippi. 

Southern Heritage Travel - Cowboys Cowgirls Music and Culinary Traditions in the American South. Historical Tourism and Victorian Architecture.

The Sights Sounds and Food Traditions in Mississippi - explore the regions of Mississippi: Delta, Capital-River, Pines, Hills and Coast Regions. A true melting pot of regional, ethnic, national and international cuisine.

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