Energy as a Service

Energy as a Service for Ports Marine Craft and Trucks

The Arezza energy  program features the following benefits: 

 innovative energy savings solutions

 Energy data management provides engineering analytics and insights in one integrated portfolio covering all phases of asset and system development, improving collaboration between simulation teams and other engineering disciplines, enabling better designs and reducing prototyping time frames and costs and identifying innovations that accelerate decarbonization.

Cloud-based simulation solutions connect engineering teams to promote teamwork and collaboration with critical information becoming instantly accessible to key stakeholders and decision-makers.

Supply Chain the rate of climate change requires decarbonization of the energy supply chain. 

This energy system overhaul is triggering a wave of innovation.  Further innovations will reduce carbon intensity in fossil-fuel-based systems with processes such as carbon capture, utilization and sequestration.  

 Energy Features and Options

distributed generation micro grids and energy-as-a-service

Energy as a Service enables the efficient utilization of resources and assets by helping customers modify energy consumption with time-of-use and real-time pricing.

micro grid with equipment re manufacturing and redeployment

A client-centric approach that reduces energy consumption and costs in collaboration with local utilities and service providers, EaaS: 

micro grids manage energy and ensure reliable delivery

 Electric Smart Grid Management via 

Remote Asset Monitoring

Energy Services Companies are turning to satellite-IoT enabled smart grid monitoring systems to improve the reliability and availability of real time field data, while decreasing power usage, system overloads and outages, as well as to:

Reduce Data Costs - processing data at the edge reduces data transmission costs and ensures efficient and continuous distribution of electricity.

Achieve Device Integration - smart satellite terminals can be integrated with measurement devices such as smart meters for the reliable real-time exchange of field data.

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