Ports Industry and Trade

Logistics Solutions for Businesses in Small Towns 

Marketing and Sales Solutions with Pay per Use, On-Demand Services in the Circular-Shared Economy 

LaaS - Logistics Management Outsourcing

 Arezza provides domestic and export logistics, marketing, management and sales solutions in travel, multi modal cargo and passenger transportation, energy and life cycle manufacturing.

 Connected Communities and Digital Platforms 

The Arezza Business Model is built around the circular economy, products as a service and sales among participating businesses and communities designed to empower small and medium sized companies via Digital Platforms that manage turnkey production, marketing, sales and transport solutions that Reduce Costs in manufacturing and remanufacturing projects.

MaaS - Supply Chain Management 

for Manufacturers Ports Marine Craft and Trucks

Arezza Supply Chain and Energy programs feature: 

 innovative energy savings solutions

Clients and Suppliers 

Small and midsize companies – SMEs – typically located adjacent to navigable waterways and/or rail, trucking and air facilities that manufacture marine transportation, technology, environmental and energy related equipment and components.

Project and Transaction Planner

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