A Logistics & Trading Company

Local Knowledge - Global Reach 

Marketing and Sales Solutions with Pay per Use, On-Demand Services in the Circular-Shared Economy  

Logistics Management Outsourcing

Arezza services for small and midsize manufacturers and other businesses are designed to reduce your product cost and delivery time, achieve economies of scale to compete with larger competitors and reach out to new domestic and export customers. 

Maritime and Trucking Logistics Services 

A customer-centric approach improves service with accurate ETAs via secure AVL technology that verifies cargo status with with cellular and satellite sensors that provide:

Visibility  - Cargo Security - Automatic Identification System - AIS  

Trading as a Service 

Arezza specialized in domestic as well as export marketing and sales services to Mediterranean Sea countries with a focus on the following sectors:

Marine Technologies

Inland Waterways and Coastal Shipping 

Energy Industries

Environmental Technologies

Smart Mobility

Supply Chain Management