Italy Transfers

with Pay per Use On-Demand Services

Arezza connects larger cities with air, marine and rail service to smaller towns to benefit time-sensitive business travelers, vacationing families and groups as well as long distance commuters in collaboration with local and regional partners.

Reservations contact us at least 36 hours in advance of trip start, indicating number of persons traveling, estimated miles, departure and arrival addresses. You will be charged for the actual point to point transfer miles, as defined by the departure and arrival addresses you provided, multiplied by the rate applicable for the number of persons in your group, and not by the actual miles you traveled.

Arezza is via private car, van, bus, marine and rail; it is inclusive of insurance, tolls, fuel and driver services, city to city and local transfers, where applicable. Taxes and tips are not included.

Cancellation you may cancel your reservations without penalty at any time prior to trip start.

Italy Intercity Transport 

Arezza’s intercity and local door-to-door mobility services are designed to benefit: 

Customer Centered and Sustainable Transit Solutions for Small Communities 

The Logistics of Travel are defined as anchoring stays in strategic locations along planned trip routes conveniently located to points of interest and minimizing the number of accommodation changes; hence, fewer times packing and unpacking, lowering accommodations and transport costs.

At Your Service to Reduce Travel Times and Costs