Manufacturing as a Service

collaborative systems that deliver seamless customer experiences

 American Manufacturing is back as buyers rediscover US made products and suppliers even as many business owners continue to be cautious with their expansion and purchasing plans.  Digital Marketing helps you grow your Business and expand into New Markets by creating and deploying strategies that engage with your target markets and build strong customer relations as procurement professionals, MROs, and engineers expect the companies they do business with to offer a digital experience that is as smooth and simple as the websites they visit for shopping.

a customer evaluation of your business is partly rooted in an online experience

 for buyers and sellers  

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B2B Marketing Objectives

designed for clients in different stages of the buying cycle

 Logistics Management Outsourcing

Arezza services for small and midsize manufacturers and other businesses are designed to reduce your product cost and delivery time, achieve economies of scale to compete with larger competitors and reach out to new domestic and export customers.

 Product Life Cycle and Supply Chain Management

Manufacturers and other businesses that design, make and market products need to leverage Design-to-Cost issues such as value analysis, competitive bench marking and reverse costing of competing products that involve suppliers in the engineering process as well as integrating 4.0 principles and technologies in order to offer intelligent and connected products. 

Edmund Marion Ashe Courtesy, Earth and Mineral Sciences Museum & Art Gallery, The Pennsylvania State University

Digital Bill of Materials – BOMs

Bill of Materials require a collaborative effort in product development by:

BOMs are digital threads for product development that connect  engineering manufacturing procurement sales finance and management.

Project and Transaction Planner

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