Manufacturing as a Service

collaborative systems that deliver seamless customer experiences

 Logistics Management Outsourcing

Arezza services for small and midsize manufacturers and other businesses are designed to reduce your product cost and delivery time, achieve economies of scale to compete with larger competitors and reach out to new domestic and export customers. 

Data-Driven Insights for Manufacturers

Improve visibility, operational efficiency and maintenance outcomes for your machinery as well as optimum asset productivity, machinery performance and fuel consumption.

reduce after sales costs and maximize machinery up time with predictive maintenance

Equipment Tracking with real-time location reports optimize utilization and pinpoint lost equipment. Automatic Vehicle Location - AVL - technology enables vehicle tracking, fuel cost savings, travel route optimization, driver monitoring, cargo and driver security.

Supply Chain Efficiency with AI-Driven Parts Sourcing 

Simplify procedures to purchase, reuse and design parts.

Identify the best parts from qualified suppliers in one centralized place

Reduce design cycles by standardizing parts and increase their reuse

Product Life cycle and Supply Chain Management

Manufacturers and other small to miid-size businesses that design, make and market products need to leverage Design-to-Cost issues such as value analysis, competitive bench marking and reverse costing of competing products that involve suppliers in the engineering process as well as the integration of 4.0 principles and technologies - augmented reality, big data, e-maintenance - in order to offer intelligent and connected products.  

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