Supply Chain

Shared Mobility 

A network of multi modal assets that leverages the low cost of marine transportation in combination with first and last mile trucking services built along a series of port hubs that service communities, manufacturing and warehousing resources adjacent to the inland, coastal and lake waterways of the United States. 

reducing transit times and costs with pay-per-use 

Maritime and Trucking Logistics Services 

A customer-centric approach improves service with accurate ETAs via secure AVL technology that verifies cargo status with with cellular and satellite sensors that provide:

Visibility - Cargo Security - Automatic Identification System - AIS.

Supply Chain Efficiency with AI-Driven Parts Sourcing 

Simplify procedures to purchase, reuse and design parts.

Identify the best parts from qualified suppliers in one centralized place

Reduce design cycles by standardizing parts and increase their reuse

Product Life cycle and Supply Chain Management

Manufacturers and other small to mid-size businesses that design, make and market products need to leverage Design-to-Cost issues such as value analysis, competitive bench marking and reverse costing of competing products that involve suppliers in the engineering process as well as the integration of 4.0 principles and technologies - augmented reality, big data, e-maintenance - in order to offer intelligent and connected products.  

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customer centered sustainable freight solutions for your small business and community 

Digital life cycle management for shipping and shipbuilding companies requires the connection of a centralized data management system that ensures access to the right information at the right time, making it possible for shipbuilders to respond to market, regulatory or technological challenges. BOMs - bill of materials - software and centralized data empower the management of every stage of the shipbuilding process.

life cycle solutions and data management improve efficiency and accelerate innovation


from FOB to CIF   

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