Travel Management Intercity Transport Volt Logistics and Manufacturing Services

with Pay per Use On-Demand Services

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Arezza develops Build Operate and Transfer - BOT – projects that are independent of each other in the United States and Italy with emphasis on historic small towns in key metropolitan areas.

The Objectives is to create locally owned enterprises and achieve economies of scale pricing in the areas of travel, local and regional transport, energy efficiency, conservation and manufacturing services.

Management utilizes pay per use, on-demand services such as pay-per-mile that deliver value for the paying customer as well as cost effectiveness for product and service providers. Specifically:

Tourism Services are on a per diem basis and are inclusive of travel planning, local and intercity transport, accommodations, destination management and local activity fees;

Shared Mobility Fees are on a cost/mile basis for local service and connections to regional air and rail;

Accommodations Plans are based on the Italian borgo concept, ideal for aggregating and managing multiple properties on main street or in a historic district.

Manufacturing life cycle programs increase competitive edge, equipment and components resiliency at a reduced cost-per-use to benefit clients and suppliers alike; objectives are achieved with proactive marketing and sales efforts as well as after sales and maintenance services programs.

Volt Logistics integrates transaction-based energy services and controls with Energy Fees designed around a pay per kWh program, long-term equipment and maintenance leases of CHP and demand-energy-response DER systems; equipment suppliers provide long-term maintenance and parts replacement programs.